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The inventory is basically for any consumable or retail products that are used in the salon.

Item moves

Item moves is for the employees to be in hold of any product that is necessary for them to provide salon services. In order to keep track of the items and their possessions you can create the orders from this section.

On opening this section you can already see the available order list. See picture below.        

To create a new order, simply click on the “Create” button. A new form will open. Provide all the necessary details, and click on save. The order will then be created.

Later on, this order can be validated or marked as to do as needed

Item transfers

Item transfer is for transferring any item from the salon to their main store, partners or other branches if there is any.

On opening the item transfer sections, you can view the list of existing orders with their updated status. See below.

To create a new order, click on “create” like before and enter all the necessary details.

Similarly, for Lots/Serial Numbers and Near Expiry Lots you can view the list by selecting the respective actions. You can also create new orders for each section simply by clicking on the create button and save button for saving.

For the “Update Consumables' ', it is used to update the number of quantities for each product in the inventory.

On selecting this section, a new wizard will appear. Provide the product details and the quantity to be added and other information as needed. Then click on the “Apply” button. Then the item quantity will be updated in the system.

For “Consumption Record”, this section will provide the list of and consumable products within the salon. To view the list, click on the “Consumption Record”, the list will be displayed.