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Appointment Scheduler

                      Appointment Scheduler

                      Appointment scheduler saves you time by automating appointments, scheduling, salon
                      management, payments, and much more!

                      Creating an appointment

                      1. To create an Appointment, select appointment from the top navigation bar. From the calendar
                        select a time slot for the specific appointment under the specified doctor’s name.

                      2. Select a designated slot under the designated staff name. A form will appear as shown in the  figure.

                      3. To create a new customer click on  icon, this will give you new fields to provide customer details

                      4. Fill up the form by providing all the necessary details. Click on  icon to add additional services.

                      5. Once you done with the fill up click on “create”. An appointment will be scheduled for the

                        customer for the given details.

                      Appointment status and modification


                      1. Once the appointment is created, the users can view or modify by clicking created

                        appointments. To view the appointment details click on “show order”. You can see the details in

                        below figure

                      2. As per the necessity ,the appointment can be the modified by date or can able to add

                        additional services in the current page after clicking “show order”

                      3. In case of any promotion or card redemption, the reception can also do the necessary by

                        clicking on the designated buttons provided on the top

                      4. Once the customer arrives in the salon and want to go through the booked procedures you

                        can select the” Check in” status. An invoice will be generated for the payment and can be


                      5. If the customer wants to see the payment details you can click on “print bill” and confirm the

                        payment. Then to complete the payment click on “payment” from the top.

                        ‘A new wizard with all the payment details will appear on the screen. Customer can also select

                        the mode of payment here ,then click make payment to complete.

                      6. Once the necessary information is filled, click print pill to give printed bill to the customer.

                        Invoice status will change to paid status.

                      VIP Treatment Percentage

                      In this beaudesk system there is an option to add VIP treatment percentage.We can now check how to add VIP treatment percentage .
                      1. Choose the appointment from appointment scheduler and click on show order and to edit click on edit button. Then in the payment line you can see the option for VIP treatment. Enter the percentage for VIP treatment.

                      2. System will automatically calculate the total

                      Advance Payment

                      There is also an “Is Advance” option, which can be used by customers to pay in advance

                      for future appointments.


                      1. To do that, simply check the “Is Advance” box and like before you

                        can register the payment by clicking on the “Make Payment” button.